How to root Samsung Galaxy S4 Active I537

By | July 24, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 Active root tutorialAll of us want to be the administrator of our cellphones, but we can not uninstall pre-install apps, or some users want to install custom ROMs, but it doesn’t support. There is a way to solve this problem, it is to root your device. Here I will share a root tutorial for AT&T Samsung Galaxy S4 Active I537.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Active root tutorial:

1. make sure you have selected “Unknown Sources” on Samsung Galaxy S4 Active.
2. click from your device and click the lampda picture to download the apk file.
3. Run the apk. It should give you a message telling you that you have root.
4. Visit the Play Store and download SuperSU. (NOTE: You MUST download and use SuperSU to manage superuser permissions, nothing else. Only SuperSU currently can circumvent Samsung’s “root blocker” in the kernel.)
5. Open the Super SU app and update binaries.
6. Optional. Donate.

Many Samsung Galaxy S4 Active users have tried it and rooted their device successfully. If you bought your device from other carriers, I don’t know whether it works. So try it on your risk!
Original link: XDA

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