How to increase battery life on Micromax Canvas 4 A210

By | August 16, 2013

How to increase battery life on Micromax Canvas 4 A210Battery life a serious issue for Micromax Canvas 4 A210, here we will give a tutorial about how to increase battery life on your device. Some users don’t know how to set up their cellphone to save battery life, they turn on WiFi, GPS, and other apps all the time, so they complain the battery life of android cellphones.

All android cellphones have built-in battery diagnostic tool which is Battery Manager. So you need to learn how to use battery manager on Micromax Canvas 4. Turn on Power Saving Mode on your device.

Extend battery life on Micromax Canvas 4

1. Touch Menu from the Home screen
2. Touch Settings
3. Turn on Power saving mode. Touch the slider ON to help conserve battery power.
a. CPU power saving: limits the maximum CPU performance. It does not affect normal usage.
b. Screen power saving: this reduces the screen frame rate and lowers brightness when the screen is turned on.
c. Background color: changes the background color brightness level of the browser.
d. Turn off haptic feedback: turns off this feature as it will use additional battery power.
4. Lower the screen brightness level to conserve battery power.
5. Lower the Screen timeout.
6. Remove any unused or unnecessary widgets.
7. Start Device in Safe Mode

Follow these tips on Micromax Canvas 4 A210, you will extend battery life, you’d better charge your device if possible of course.

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